Hilco Seal Gas Filter Housing

HILCO offers many and or various custom designs and sizes of seal gas filters for the purposes of particulate and liquid removal. Each one of our units is designed to the requirements provided by the customer. With our many years of experience, we are able to determine the best option for the application whether it is an initial startup or an aftermarket retrofit.

HILCO designs and manufactures three basic designs of seal gas filters: Welded Pipe Mount, Machined Floor Mount, and Welded Floor Mount filters. All units are constructed using 316/316L stainless steel in either a simplex or duplex arrangement. Each configuration has its own advantages, but can be built to any design code offered by The Hilliard Corporation. All the units provided are designed and constructed to ASME Code SEC VIII, Div. 1, as well as API-614 design requirements.

HILCO also designs and manufactures the cartridges used for both particulate removal and coalescing applications. These cartridges use different types of filtration media with different configurations to satisfy any and all filtration grade requirements. Refer to the cartridge brochure for additional information.


  • Designed to ensure no leakage by utilizing a zero-leak integral transfer valve.
  • Compact to save space. Pipe mounting options reduce the floor space taken by the unit.
  • Custom flange configurations are available to fit piping arrangements.
  • Double Block and Bleed on Vent/Drain connections only, available upon request.
  • Ideal flow configuration for coalescing.
  • Recommended for applications <1000 PSI MAWP, and ≤1” Inlet/Outlet connection size.
  • Available up to 4000 psi.


  • Welded Floor Mount units are the traditional configuration for higher pressures and flows that cannot be satisfied by Welded Pipe Mount units.
  • Fabricated construction.
  • Uses ball valves for duplex assemblies to ensure no leakage.
  • Double Block and Bleed configuration on Inlet/Outlet and/or Vents/Drains available upon request.
  • Reduced number of seals.
  • Cost effective for larger flow rates and fluid capacities.
  • Recommended for applications >1” Inlet/Outlet connection size.
  • Available up to 4000 psi.


  • Compressors
  • Gas panels
  • Refrigeration