Hilco Portable Filters

HILCO portable filters are an economical solution for removing water and particulate from oils, fuel and other fluids. Filters can be built to ASME Code standards. Hilco portable filters can be used for many different fluids, including: Mineral-based lubricating, hydraulic, and insulating oils Synthetic lubricating and hydraulic (EHC) fluids Fuel oils, kerosene, gasoline Ethylene glycol mixes Solvents Coolants and cutting oils Vacuum pump oils



  • Low initial cost offers quick return on investment.
  • Lightweight system that is easy to carry or wheel from location to location. Easily fits in a trunk of an automobile or even the back seat!
  • Reasonably priced elements. Compare to other inexpensive systems with outrageously expensive refills.
  • Wide range of elements to choose from to remove particulate or water.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction.
  • Explosion proof.


  • 11 SV, 60Hz Operation
  • Aluminum Filter Housing Construction
  • Positive Displacement Cast Iron Gear Pump
  • Viton-N Seals
  • 1/2 FNPT Inlet and Outlet
  • 0-100 psi pressure gage 1 /3 Hp TEFC Motor
  • Internal Relief Valve Preset at 60 psi
  • 7 ft. power cord with switch (single phase only)


  • Frame and Mounting Package (for Portable and Stationary Mounting) Wheels
  • 50 Hz Motor
  • Inlet and Outlet Wand Options
  • Hose Options for Mineral and Synthetic Based Fluids Inlet Strainer
  • Drip Pan
  • Phosphate Ester Fluid.


  • Any type of oil filtrations
  • Reservoirs
  • “If it moves, we can filter it”