Drive Train Products

The Hilliard Corporation has a complete line of Drive Train and Motion Control products for All terrain vehicles (ATV), utility vehicles (UTV), lawn & garden and outdoor power equipment industry. Hilliard Drive Train products solve some of the most common problems related to traction, on-demand 4WD engagement, and turf damage.

Hilliard’s Drive Train products have been developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of ATV’s, UTV’s, construction equipment, lawn tractors and self-propelled walk-behind equipment. Our value added designs can be simply integrated into existing products. Custom designs and high speed clutch applications are also available.


The Hilliard Auto-Lok Differential offers equal power transferred to both wheels on an axle regardless of traction, allowing positive back drive through both wheels. The self- contained unit locks and unlocks automatically providing the benefits of both an open a nd locked differential, depending on the ground conditions. Benefits include improved traction and easier operation and steering.


Hilliard offers a Continuously Variable Transmission that is more advanced than any other belt drive system currently on the market. The Hilliard clutch system utilizes a tight belt which allows for seamless engine braking and belt protection at start up and during overload situations, to extend belt life. Hilliard’s CVT system is designed to fit a wide variety of clutch envelopes so no expensive modifications are required for new vehicles or on replacements for vehicles currently in the field. The Hilliard clutch system is currently tuned for many platforms, including ATV’s, UTV’s and side by sides.


The Hilliard Front Drive System is an electro-mechanically activated bidirectional overrunning clutch. When 12 volts of power are sent via the 4WD switch, the unit is activated to engage both front wheels instantaneously, whenever the rear wheels lose traction. The clutch also releases or overruns automatically the instant the rear wheels regain traction.

Because torque is transmitted to both front wheels, it is a “true” 4WD. The overrunning characteristics of this system allow for an on-demand 4WD engagement and steering ease. Typical applications for Hilliard’s front differential include, ATV’s UTV’s, side by sides and compact tractors.


The Hilliard friction clutch provides smooth, quick power on demand for most start and stop applications that require positive engagement/disengagement and overload protection. The lightweight clutch mounts directly on the engine shaft and uses a cable engagement system. The input side of the friction clutch is designed to mount to the engine or motor shaft which allows the driving power source to transmit full torque to the driven device. The output side of the clutch has an adjustable pulley to allow for belt tensioning or ratio adjustment. The clutch can be operated continuously at any engine speed. The driven equipment can be started with a slow or rapid engagement and the operator has full control of the speed. Because the clutch uses a cable engagement system, the operator can hold the clutch engaged or disengaged with a lever or other operator controlled mechanism.